Holiday Fun

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Water Wheel Races

Students worked in groups of four to five to create a working water wheel. Then each group devised a strategy to move their water the most efficiently. In this case, we considered efficiency being either bringing the load level with a desk the fastest OR bringing the load level with a desk using the fewest syringes full of water. Each class had a competition, then the winning group from each class completed in a final competition. Here are the finals…… 4 (2) photo 3 (2)

Congratulations to the winning team!!!  Great work everyone :)

Congratulations to the winning team!!! Great work everyone 🙂

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Student Created Poems Using Specific Literary Devices

Students were put into groups of 5 and given a poem to analyze. They were asked to identify any literary devices and tell the meaning. Then they had to create a poem, as a group, using the same literary devices that were in their original poem. I gave each group a poem that used different literary devices so that we got a well rounded review of devices. Each group then read their creations to the class, and their classmates identified the literary devices they used. Here is what they came up with…..

The Sun

The Sun is bright

and it as lots of light.

The Sun is like a

blooming flower,

in the morning.

The sun is a bright light 

in the night.

It’s like a sizzling heat lamp.

And at nght,

it is not in sight!

It’s time to have some fun in the sun!

Can you find the literary devices? 🙂


Teddy Bear Games

Your sleeping.

You hear noises.

You open your eyes.

Your eyes are playing tricks on you.

You see a flash of brown.

Your toys are playing tricks on you!

But you don’t know it.

You feel a thump and a bump in your bed.

Are you going crazy?

You get cold chills up your spine.


Here’s another….

Cheetahs lazy and dazy

Hilarious hyenas

Elephants eating

Enormous elephants

Turtles walking slowly

Alligators after you

Hectic hyenas

And here’s another acrostic style….

Alligators mouths

Narwhales in the night

I see a sea turtle

Animals in Africa

I see a shark

Leaping lizards

Slimey snails


The students did a nice job with this review assignment…and if I didn’t know any better, I’d think they had fun!! 🙂 They were proud of their hard work and should be. So that’s why we wanted to share here.



Mean, Median, and Mode!!

Today we learned about mean, median mode through a cup stacking contest. Each randomly selected pair of students was given 1 minute to stack as many cups as they could. We compiled our data on a chart, then we used the data learn what mean, median and mode are. The students enjoyed the activity and hopefully it will prove a memorable learning experience. We will also be using this data next week to discuss different types of graphs, intervals, scales, and outliers. We hope you’ll enjoy our pics as much as we enjoyed the activity!

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Our Data

Our Data